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“How Do You Juggle It All” Panel Recap

December 8, 2011

Author: PrettyQuick Founder and Booth student

Do-it-All Mothers Share Inspiring Tips

PrettyQuick was all ears during Mothers @ Booth’s fabulous “How Do You Juggle It All” panel discussion on November 15, 2011.  Senior executives from Bain, Accenture, Goldman Saks, Dow Chemical, and Pepsi Co shared tips and tricks ranging from new mom survival skills to long-term career planning. At PrettyQuick, we are always looking to uncover these wonder-woman secrets, and so compiled the following list of inspiring tips from the panel.  Thanks M@B for bringing together such amazing women.

What we learned:

7.       Pace Yourself.

As goal-oriented, A-Type women, we want to have it all.  Now.

Well sorry to burst your bubble, but our wise Goldman Saks mom of 3 panelist shares, “I think there is a way to do it all, but not all at once.”

6.   Have your own board of directors.

 Panelists agree that setbacks and tough decisions are inevitable.  Be sure to ask mentors and trusted advisors to help you navigate these important crossroads.

5.   Stop beating yourself up. 

You know how you feel when it seems like nothing you’re doing is good enough?  Well IGNORE THAT FEELING.  Learn to silence that voice in your head.  Some quotes from panelists:

Guilt is wasted energy.”

Be kind to yourself because you’re probably your biggest critic.” 

“You have one life.  Live without regret!”

4.  You can’t summit a mountain without a series of smaller, often grueling, ascents. 

Sure, there will be rough days, but taken together, those days make up a life that overall should feel balanced and fulfilling.   Don’t pretend you can absolve the oft-tedious daily grind, but do make sure there’s an end goal.  Our panelists focus on the long term:

“There’s only upside if you think in the long term.”

Work life balance every day is a myth, but life is a pendulum so as long as over time, the pendulum is in place, that’s ok”

3.  Pick a great partner.

 OK, this is not an anti-feminist tip.  Believe me, our M@B panelists are the best feminists around.  But interestingly they all referenced their spouse as the most important individual in the support network:

“My husband has been the biggest support network.  He always encouraged me to go after that next promotion.”  Dow Chemical panelist

2.  Surround yourself with likeminded women.

 All our panelists stressed the importance of community and networking with other women who are confronting the same challenges.  Whether through  work or through other professional/ social networks, find women whose lives you want to emulate and make it a point to spend time with them.  For Chicago women, here are some groups are panelists suggested:

Mother’s at Booth Linked In Group

Chicago Women in Business Alumnae Network

85 Broads Global Women’s Network

1. Taking time for self is important.

 At PrettyQuick, we believe that taking time for self enhances clarity and confidence in other parts of life.  Our panelists said over and over again that is was important for them as mother and professionals to take some time out to focus on their own interests or hobbies.  Some ways they recharged to take on the world:

– Salon and Spa visits (a true PrettyQuick woman!)

– Non-Profit Work

– the Gym

– Tennis

– Shopping

– Girlfriends

Congrats and thanks to Mothers @ Booth for providing a forum for women to support and learn from each-other.  “How Do You Juggle It All” was the most inspiring lunch event we had all quarter!

For more beauty and self-care tips and tricks for busy women, visit and

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