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Looking for Child Care While at Booth?

November 13, 2012

Finding quality child care is a concern for all parents considering graduate school.  Here are parent references for one child care provider, Maya, who has been providing home child day care service for the University of Chicago, including many Chicago Booth moms and dads, for 25 years:

“As a parent who decided to pursue graduate school last fall, the question that haunted me all summer was who would I trust to care for my 3 month old son?  Ultimately, every parent’s goal is to enlist a caregiver who can provide the best possible care for their child so we often rely on reviews from other parents when making this important decision.  This is why I would like to offer a review of my son’s caregiver, Maya, who was recommended to me by my husband’s colleague.  There is only one way to describe our experience with Maya and that is absolutely POSITIVE.  Maya has bounds of energy and enthusiasm for her work.  She showered my son with kindness and motherly care and attention.  He would become very excited to see Maya each morning.  My son has fussy eating and sleeping habits but Maya had no problem ensuring he was well fed and rested.  She provided him with sufficient and meaningful play opportunities to enrich his growth and development.  Her workspace was always clean and well organized.  It was a huge relief to know that while I was in class, my son was receiving the highest quality of care and attention.” ~Nahida

“Our son has been attending Maya’s Daycare since he was four months old.  Initially as a new mother, I was concerned to leave my son in the care of others.  Now I have peace of mind leaving him with Maya.  She has a lot of experience and is very well organized.  Maya is very energetic, thoughtful, and truly cares about the babies.  Every day she is giving us information about baby feeding times, new achievements or any needs, which is very important for us.  Our son is well-rested and happy when we’re picking him up.  Additionally Maya’s Daycare is located in the Regents Park building, which is a very clean and safe place.  Knowing that he is in good hands makes me feel a lot better about leaving him and going to work.” ~Marcin

“Maya is an excellent child care provider with over 20 years of experience taking care of children.  She watched our first son for 2 years and we came back to her with our second son.  Maya loves children and has a natural ability to work with infants.  She has also helped us with many of the challenges that we faced as first-time parents.  Maya is very compassionate, hard working, and never takes a day off.  I don’t know how she does it.” ~Shahir and Stephanie

“We picked Maya (after many interviews with centers and other in-homes downtown and in Hyde Park) because she focused on babies.  Her advice and attention helped us navigate those first few months.  My daughter had horrible colic and Maya really helped soothe her–she really has a gift with babies.  Since joining Maya’s daycare, we became better parents and our daughter became an incredibly happy child!  Maya’s care allows the babies to grow and blossom on their own, but she also gets them on a schedule and routine, which allowed my daughter to really thrive.  Maya sings, talks, and dances with the babies to calm them rather than using bouncy chairs or pacifiers.  During our time with Maya, she became part of our family!” ~Angie


Maya Stojacic




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