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Mothers at Booth seeks to enable Chicago Booth student mothers and eventual mothers-to-be to achieve academic and professional success that accommodates a vibrant family life by providing community support and resources. We believe that greater visibility and information about motherhood during and after business school will help both prospective and current students make more informed and satisfying academic and career decisions.

Mothers at Booth is a student led group of the full-time program at Chicago Booth. Membership is free and open to all Chicago Booth female students and alumnae in the full-time, part-time, executive and PhD programs. Current student members will be placed on the university affiliated list serve. Current students and alumnae are welcome to join our private LinkedIn group.

2012-2013 Co-Chairs:

  • Janine Givens-Belsley
  • Rampriya (Priya) Ramakrishnan

2011-2012 Co-Chairs:

  • Margo Ten Eyck
  • Priya Shivakumar
  • Sari Kaganoff Goldstein

2010-2011 Co-Chairs:

  • Dena Koren
  • Gila Tolub

2009-2010 Co-Chairs:

  • Alina Rosu
  • Kaitlin Murphy

2008-2009 Co-Chairs and Founders:

  • Jennifer Sireklove
  • Meghan Friesen
  • Mia Hillsman
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