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Nursing Tips for the Traveling Mom!

December 4, 2011

A M@B alum kindly shared her tips for pumping while on business trips.

Nursing Mom:

“While I was full-time pumping and traveling I just got in the habit of what I had to travel with, what I needed when I got some place and allowing extra time at the airports because most likely my bag was searched – awkward!

There were a few things I made sure to have:

1)       Good pump & extra batteries.

2)       Lots of those storage bags (bottles took up too much space)

3)       I actually took my pump out of the backpack and found a over the shoulder cooler (soft sided) that I traveled with.  It looked like a tote, but kept everything cool in it.

4)       I would try to get a fridge/freezer in my room if I could to keep the milk cold over night. (or when I would travel for a long time – if I could freeze the milk this was always better)

5)       I would bring a ton of big ziplocks to make sure there were no spills.

6)       I was not super worried if the milk was a bit warm here or there and just kept it as cold as I could

7)       I filled up other ziplocks with ice everywhere I went to keep the bag cool.

8)       I let my boss know that I would need to take a few breaks during the day (usually no questions asked).

9)       I learned to pump anywhere (bathroom stalls a lot, esp in airports) and would either wash out the pump parts there or use the pump wipes and then wash the parts later).”

Way to go Nursing Mom! You are an inspiration to us all!

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