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Mothers at Booth serves both student moms and moms-to-be. Although there is a small (but growing) number of women who enter Booth with children or have children during school, most Booth women find themselves face issues resolving career and family demands after graduating. We hope to provide community and resources that will help women at any of these stages make more satisfying life decisions.

Incoming Students

Locating to Chicago with children can be daunting. And we know how exhausting it can be to try to find housing, childcare, and good schools for the kids in a new city. Furthermore, many students, especially internationals, are dealing with the emotional ramifications of leaving families behind. Please check out our Resources page for some preliminary information. You can also email us for help on any of these issues as needed.

Managing Your Academics

Booth’s flexible curriculum can be a great benefit to student moms. Professors are generally very understanding with regard to women who give birth mid-quarter. Many women find it beneficial to vary the number of classes in a given quarter depending on family needs but one should be aware of any implications of such adjustments on scholarship or financial aid. We highly recommend reaching out to Academic Services if you need academic advice tailored to your situation.

Managing Your Career

Booth mothers and mothers-to-be embark on a wide range of careers. However, it is certainly true that careers, industries and firms vary dramatically in the amount of time an energy one has for personal pursuits outside of work. We believe that exploring your options and being clear about your goals, personal and professional, while still in school will serve you well in the long run. Often women find the summer internship an invaluable time to “try on” a role or firm. Additionally, through networking events with alumnae and our mentor program, we hope to help women connect with Booth graduates who are willing and able to give you frank answers to those questions you can’t ask recruiters. You may find some of the stories on our blog helpful and members are welcome to post questions to our private LinkedIn Group.


Trying to learn more about what it’s really like to try to have children and an investment banking career? Curious to know what it’s like to be a working mom at XYZ firm? Our mentorship program helps current Booth women find alumnae who have volunteered to speak frankly about mother hood in particular career tracks or at specific employers. If you are interested in finding a match, please contact us. Mentors have volunteered to respond to short-term inquiries by phone or email and are not expected to continue in a long-term capacity.

Events and Networking

Mothers at Booth sponsors select networking events during the academic year, primarily at Harper Center to help students and alumnae network with one another. Updates will be sent out via our membership list – contact Dena to join.

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