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Taking a lesson from Mom

November 11, 2010

Yesterday’s panel got a shout out on the Career Services’ blog!

Taking a lesson from Mom by Wayland Lum (via the Career Services Blog)

Today over the lunch hour I had the chance to attend an unlikely event for a guy. Mothers at Booth (or the stylish short-hand M@B) held an excellent event – “How do you juggle it all?” A panel of accomplished moms working at McKinsey, AMEX and Wrigley shared their experiences doing precisely that – juggling it all and doing it quite successfully. While the audience for this panel was (perhaps no surprise) exclusively women, any Booth student could have taken away valuable lessons from these working moms. To excel in a demanding MBA-level job, be a supportive partner/spouse and raise kids is a tall order, but these women found ways to make it work, and work well. The women on the panel spoke of how they planned and prioritized, understood the roles that they played, actively managed their careers and how they weren’t afraid to ask for help – all things that any MBA student, regardless of gender, could take a lesson or two from. So, if you don’t have kids or don’t plan to, still think about your classmates who are parents, especially those moms who, like you, are taking on the rigors of the Booth experience and at the same time raising a family. If you wonder how they’re doing it, just ask…And take a lesson from Mom.

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