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A Week in the Life of an M@B- Part III

March 18, 2010

A minute of procrastination from studying for finals to post our final installment of our first-year student diary series.  Thank you to our student author!  And thank you to those who are reading along… please leave comments to let us know if there are any other things you would like to hear about from our group of student mothers, alumni, faculty and staff!  Happy Spring to those in the Chicago area (the weather has made a beautiful turn…), and happy Spring Break to all you current Boothies!  Without further adieu…


I am out of bed at 7am to pick up the phone! It’s my mom – she calls me early so she’s sure to catch me. Either at home or in my car on my way to school! Kids are dressed and out and I can start my day.

I decided to accept my offer for the summer so I sign my contract and email a dozen people to thank them for their help in the recruiting process and keep them posted about my decision. It feels good to be done. But I wish all my friends and classmates had found already so we could all rejoice together.

I have to prepare a negotiation for tomorrow’s class. It’s the last class so we’ll be negotiating a salary. I know I’d be really bad at that in real life. I am lucky my role for tomorrow is that of the boss. I feel it’s easier.

Speaking of which, there’s a Lunch n’ Learn organized by CWIB today to talk about the recent economic research that suggests that the pay gap between men and women is related to a lack of negotiation by women.  Hummm…. I think they might be right!

I wish I could have gone but TRADEOFF alert !

My daughter is “Star of the Week” at school, which means she gets to invite her mother to school. So I go to her school this afternoon to read the class a story and I bring my daughter’s favorite food… sushi! I also bring cupcakes for the kids who will not even look at sushi.

It’s such a nice day today.  My car says it’s 68 degrees outside. I have a hard time believing it but it is really really nice outside. So after school, we take the bikes and scooters to play outside with the kids and we enjoy the sun for an hour and a half.

At night, after the kids are asleep, I start reading the case for my Competitive Strategy final, I edit my Operations final paper, and call it a day!


Thursday is my full day this quarter. I have class in the morning and in the afternoon. The kids are up early today so I actually have time to give them breakfast before I head out at 7:15.

Today we have the last classes of the quarter. The professors did a great job at wrapping things up, summarizing the key take-aways and I actually was moved when they said good-bye and wished us a great career!

I planned on studying at lunch-time but decided to eat my sandwich in great company and sat with two second-year French students in the winter garden. Another student joined us, and another one and quickly it was a French reunion. At one point there were eight of us around the table. And so old habits kicked in and the typical French 2-hours lunch break became inevitable! It was a very nice distraction from schoolwork and finals.

After my afternoon class, I met with my Negotiation study group to go over the final paper one last time and we agreed it was perfect!

One of my extra-curricular activities includes coaching. I followed a course to become a business and life coach and am currently coaching Booth students. So tonight I have a session. I really enjoy it.

And tonight I have an extra perk: my coachee gives me a quick and free Finance 101 lesson! I really needed it… lol.

Home at 8:30pm, both my kids are in bed. My son is sleeping but my daughter is waiting for her kiss goodnight.

Tonight I do a few things for my student groups but no real work. I’ll watch a movie with my husband… and try not to fall asleep in the middle. That would be a great accomplishment!

In a week from now I’ll be in a plane to Paris… am counting the days…

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