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A Week in the Life of an M@B- Part II

March 15, 2010

Here’s Part II of our day-to-day diary series, “A Week in the Life of an M@B”…   good luck to all of the current Booth students on their finals, and don’t worry, just because Spring Break is next week doesn’t mean you’ll stop hearing from us!


I get up at 6:30am. I must be in my car at 7:15am to beat traffic and be in school on time. Yeah… I have two kids so I wanted a big apartment with a backyard… and I wanted to live next to my brother for family support… so I am up north and have a 45 minute drive to school.

My kids get up around 7am so I have time to see them a few minutes and give kisses goodbye. My husband will get them dressed and take them to school and daycare. No… I would not have been able to go for my MBA without a very supportive husband.

I am in school at 8am and run to the computer lab to print the review material and sample finals that my professors posted online. I feel like I just killed a tree…

I am the co-chair of three student groups. Today I meet with the Mother at Booth co-chairs from 8:30am to 11am. We go through the mission statement and plan the events for the spring quarter – great things coming up!!!

I then head to the student lounge for some studying… but I say hi to a bunch of students… and then receive a call from a friend in France that I haven’t spoken to in ages. It’s so hard to focus… so yeh, I haven’t done anything and it’s noon already – time to meet with one of the JBSA co-chair. We have lunch and go through the details of an event we’re organizing.

It is 1pm when we are finally done… we are done eating and done working… we are also done listening to music (it’s hard to believe I listen to Linkin Park… and hard to believe we need to reminisce about our teenage years listening to Tupac – Hit Em Up J)… we are also done showing each other YouTube videos (you must watch the sand art videos from Ukraine got talent)… okay we are really done!!

So I MUST study now. I spend another 1.5 hours on Operations Management. One thing I learned from this class: I do not want to run a factory.

At 2:30pm, it’s time to go to the Gleacher Center. I am reviewing my Competitive Strategy course with a friend. We try to go through last year’s final. Ouch! We would have failed! Two hours later, we have only gone through 40% of the final. Thank God we have another week to study…

I am home at 6pm and have time to play with my kids. I have to keep them away from my husband who is trying to build the IKEA wardrobe!!! After they’re asleep, I study for an hour and then we decide to watch a movie. But at 9:30pm, half hour through the movie, I fall asleep!! I did not stop for a minute today… so when I do, I fall asleep immediately.


It’s hard to get up this morning. Especially because I know I do not have to be in school before noon. So I am a little slow this morning… Once my kids are out, I have breakfast, empty the dishwasher and go through my emails.

Today, my husband is coming to school with me! We’re going to the Debra Fine conference on the Fine Art of Small Talk. It sounds so easy when she talks about networking… We come out hoping we’ll be able to use some of her advice in the near future.

In the afternoon, it’s competitive strategy. Last class of the quarter!  It went by so quickly, it’s crazy.

After class, I must go to a study group to finalize this week’s homework. My mom calls. She’s upset I can’t talk to her now… With the 7 hours time difference, it’s hard to connect.

Finally home at 7pm, and it’s already time to put the kids to sleep. But I am tempted to spend time with them so it is past 8pm when they finally fall asleep.

I must file taxes now. I know it’s not due for another 2 months but I am a LIFO type of girl – Last In First Out. So, I just got an email from the Office of International Affairs telling me to how to file taxes as an Alien with no income… so I decide to get “rid of it” so I can forget about it!!!

I then go through my Negotiation final paper so we can hand it in on Friday. I have a great group and we started working on the paper early so I am happy not to have to worry about it.

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  1. March 15, 2010 3:28 pm

    Dear Gila,
    Thank you for the mention and carving out a piece of your day to attend my program. So impressed by all you do! Hooray for Mom’s who create their own way!

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