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A Week in the Life of an M@B

March 13, 2010

The Mothers at Booth 2010-2011 co-chairs are excited about a new series of blog posts this year!  We are looking forward to sharing with you the stories and thoughts of current students, faculty/staff, and alumni who are successfully juggling work/school and motherhood!

To kick things off, we present to you a real-life, day-to-day diary series from a current first-year student who has two children.  For those of you thinking about how you can possibly make it work, being a full-time student (specifically, one who is involved in recruiting and student group activities in addition to classes) and a mother, this will hopefully give you an idea of how it can be done… and inspire you to do it!  If you are a prospective student and want to learn more about M@B, please feel free to get in touch with us at  Without further ado, I present Day 1 of….

A week in the life of an M@B

There are times when I don’t know how to explain what it is like to juggle being a MBA student and being a mother, so I thought I’d take you through the last 5 days in my life.

When I first re-read what I wrote, I thought… “oh no! the readers will think my life is so sad…that I really do nothing else than school and kids”.

But I think you’ll realize it is really not sad. It is exactly what keeps me happy!

My happiness lies in this balance… or in this equilibrium since we’re at Chicago Booth.

My happiness lies in this ability to completely intertwine my personal and my professional lives… I can’t substitute one for another and my indifference curve is that of perfect complements J

Sunday :

I did homework on Saturday night and stayed up pretty late… I must admit I am a bit of a b****, I mean difficult, when I am sleep-deprived… so my husband happily takes care of the kids when they wake up at 7 so I can sleep late – in mommy language, that means I get up at 9:30…!

After a quick breakfast, I notice a bunch of fresh fruits and vegetables are getting bad in my fridge and decide to cook. My 5-year-old daughter washes all the fruits while I sauté the vegetable. I also cook rice so we have a full meal ready for tomorrow night – planning ahead is the only way it all works. I then cook all the overripe apples, pears and grape into a delicious compote.

Quickly, the constant beeping of my computer gets to me… and suddenly I NEED and I MUST go check my email NOW. My desk is next to my kids’ playroom. So while I check my emails and read about my study group meetings, the student group events I must organize, and the recruiting events I must attend, my daughter shows me her artwork and my 18 months old son proudly presents the three Lego’s he managed to pile up!

At 11:30am, I realize we must get moving! We’re going out! One of the directors at the firm I will be working for this summer is taking us out to lunch. I am taking my husband and children and he is bringing his wife and son. We have a great time. We talk about school, about work and mostly about our personal experiences and how we manage to balance it all.

Then we head to IKEA. We were pushing it off for months but we really need a table in the kitchen and a wardrobe for my clothes! How long does it take to buy these two things??? About 3 hours… My daughter is at the kids’ play zone (YAY!) and my son alternates screaming in the shopping cart and hiding in every PAX closet we pass by. On the way home, they are both asleep in the back. They’re so cute when they’re sleeping…

After the bath and a quick dinner (vegetable soup out of the freezer; when I cook, I cook a lot and freeze some… so convenient!), it’s already bedtime. A story, a song, a kiss… and we’re free!! Well then there’s the glass of water, the monsters under the bed and the bathroom break… but then we’re free!

Tonight I am baby sitting at my brother’s house so he can take his wife to dinner for her birthday. So I go to my brother with my computer… and I study!

Most of the homework due this week is done – I usually do everything on Saturday night. So I review my notes for my Operations class and start working on my cheat sheet for the final!  I like Ops today: I just learned that my team ended 6th out of 50 in the Littlefield game we played for this class – a simulation in which we had to run a factory.

At 11pm, I am home and my brain is not responding anymore so I call it a day and head to bed!

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