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Surprise! You’re Pregnant and About to Start an MBA – Part II

November 30, 2009

This week we pick up with the story of a former first-year who found out she was pregnant the summer before matriculating at Booth. Part I described what it was like to find out about the pregnancy and enter business school in a very different state of mind than she expected to be in when initially applying. In this segment, we learn more about going through internship recruiting while very pregnant.

Phase II – Recruiting and the Third Trimester

Do you know that they do not make maternity suits? They make slacks and blazers but no actual coordinated suits. I could not believe it. I scoured the internet and every maternity shop in the Chicago area. This was my first sign that I was entering uncharted territory. I was one of the lucky ones with bidding. I got every interview for which I bid. Which is good because I definitely needed all of them. By the time recruiting was in full swing, I was in my 3rd trimester. This was the hardest part of being pregnant during b-school. I was tired of squishing my swollen feet into dress shoes and trying to convince people that I was the woman for the job.? I probably completed more than 30 interviews. I got a wide range of interesting comments in my interviews “You do know that the internship is this summer?” “You must be so tired. We will try to get this over quickly.” and so forth. Eventually, I did get an offer. In fact, I got two.

Winter quarter finals were about 3 weeks before my due date. Thankfully, I made it through those. My spring break consisted of me walking about 2 miles every day trying to jumpstart labor and taking a day trip to exotic Milwaukee. My spring schedule consisted of two classes on Saturday at Gleacher and a Tuesday night class. Academic services tried to convince me to take only two classes but I have a fellowship and am required to remain in full-time status. We do not have any family in the area so the plan was that I would stay home during the day with the baby and go to class at night and on weekends when my husband could stay with the baby.

Come back for Part III next week to learn about the rest of first-year life with a newborn.


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