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Getting to 50/50: How Working Couples can Have it All by Sharing it All

April 23, 2009

We are very excited about an upcoming discussion with author Sharon Meers about how working couples can achieve better work-life balance by partnering together towards that goal. This is a fresh and much needed take on the much loved work-life balance discussion and Sharon has been very well received by audiences around the country. We are thrilled that she is willing to make time with us.

Getting to 50/50: How Working Couples can Have it All by Sharing it All*
*and why it’s great for your marriage, your career, your kids… and YOU

When: May 4th, 2009 at 6:00p.m.
Where: Gleacher Center, Room 600
For whom: Booth students and alumni and their guests
Why: Managing a career as a parent can be tough, but also incredibly rewarding.? Sharon Meers, co-author of the book Getting to 50/50 and former MD at Goldman Sachs is coming to Chicago to share the insights from her work with hundreds of successful working parents, particularly, how to tap into your best resource (your partner) to achieve your goals.? Learn more from The Today Show.

RSVP by April 30th to Andrea Sparrey –

Book description

Sharon Meers and Joanna Strober, authors of Getting to 50/50 are professionals, wives, and mothers with five young children between them.? They understand the challenges and rewards of two-career households.? They also know that families thrive not in spite of working mothers, but because of them.? You can have a great career, a great marriage, and be a great mother.? The key is tapping into your best resource and most powerful ally-the man you married.

After interviewing hundreds of parents and employers, surveying more than a thousand working mothers, and combing through the latest government and social science research, the authors have discovered that kids, husbands, and wives all reap huge benefits when couples commit to share equally as breadwinners and caregivers.? Mothers work without guilt, fathers bond with their kids, and children blossom with the attention of two involved parents.

From “baby boot camp” for new dads to exactly what to say when negotiating a leave with the boss, this savvy book offers fresh ideas to today’s families.? It also offers encouragement, hope and confidence to any woman who has ever questioned her choices regarding work and family.

The book has received several endorsements from members of leading business schools

Getting to 50/50 is the first book I’ve read that gets it 100% right.? ? The advice is brilliant, the examples cogent and compelling, and the tone wise and humorous.? For anyone who wants to enjoy a full career, be a complete parent, and remain a supportive spouse, this is the book that will help you chart the way.” Roderick Kramer, William R. Kimball Professor of Organizational Behavior, Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Getting to 50/50 builds on what the latest research tells us:? that children can thrive with two working parents and that fathers and mothers play equally important roles.? I wish this book had existed when I was raising young daughters.” Kathleen McCartney, Dean, Harvard Graduate School of Education

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