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The University of Chicago Work-Life Task Force

March 18, 2009

We were excited by recent reports in the Chicago Maroon about recommendations made by the University’s Work-Life Task Force to improve work-life balance for faculty and staff. While many of the policy recommendations do not affect Booth students directly, simply seeing the larger institution in which we operate take these matters seriously is heartening, and we wholeheartedly support any efforts that may help increase the number of women faculty at Booth.

But more specific to our mission is the Task Force’s long-term vision for an on-campus childcare facility which hopefully would be open to students as well as employees. As you might imagine, attempting an MBA at Booth without good childcare is incredibly challenging and this is a critical issue for student parents. The University apparently has a Child Care Initiative to support the expansion and establishment of childcare within Hyde Park.? (We will have to investigate further about whether students might be able to benefit from this as well.)? But providing a facility on-campus that might be sensitive to the rhythms and patterns of student parents would be a huge step forward and we hope that it becomes reality sooner than later.

We hope to bring you more information about the current ins and outs of securing childcare as a Booth student in the coming months so stay tuned.

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