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Looking for Child Care While at Booth?

November 13, 2012

Finding quality child care is a concern for all parents considering graduate school.  Here are parent references for one child care provider, Maya, who has been providing home child day care service for the University of Chicago, including many Chicago Booth moms and dads, for 25 years:

“As a parent who decided to pursue graduate school last fall, the question that haunted me all summer was who would I trust to care for my 3 month old son?  Ultimately, every parent’s goal is to enlist a caregiver who can provide the best possible care for their child so we often rely on reviews from other parents when making this important decision.  This is why I would like to offer a review of my son’s caregiver, Maya, who was recommended to me by my husband’s colleague.  There is only one way to describe our experience with Maya and that is absolutely POSITIVE.  Maya has bounds of energy and enthusiasm for her work.  She showered my son with kindness and motherly care and attention.  He would become very excited to see Maya each morning.  My son has fussy eating and sleeping habits but Maya had no problem ensuring he was well fed and rested.  She provided him with sufficient and meaningful play opportunities to enrich his growth and development.  Her workspace was always clean and well organized.  It was a huge relief to know that while I was in class, my son was receiving the highest quality of care and attention.” ~Nahida

“Our son has been attending Maya’s Daycare since he was four months old.  Initially as a new mother, I was concerned to leave my son in the care of others.  Now I have peace of mind leaving him with Maya.  She has a lot of experience and is very well organized.  Maya is very energetic, thoughtful, and truly cares about the babies.  Every day she is giving us information about baby feeding times, new achievements or any needs, which is very important for us.  Our son is well-rested and happy when we’re picking him up.  Additionally Maya’s Daycare is located in the Regents Park building, which is a very clean and safe place.  Knowing that he is in good hands makes me feel a lot better about leaving him and going to work.” ~Marcin

“Maya is an excellent child care provider with over 20 years of experience taking care of children.  She watched our first son for 2 years and we came back to her with our second son.  Maya loves children and has a natural ability to work with infants.  She has also helped us with many of the challenges that we faced as first-time parents.  Maya is very compassionate, hard working, and never takes a day off.  I don’t know how she does it.” ~Shahir and Stephanie

“We picked Maya (after many interviews with centers and other in-homes downtown and in Hyde Park) because she focused on babies.  Her advice and attention helped us navigate those first few months.  My daughter had horrible colic and Maya really helped soothe her–she really has a gift with babies.  Since joining Maya’s daycare, we became better parents and our daughter became an incredibly happy child!  Maya’s care allows the babies to grow and blossom on their own, but she also gets them on a schedule and routine, which allowed my daughter to really thrive.  Maya sings, talks, and dances with the babies to calm them rather than using bouncy chairs or pacifiers.  During our time with Maya, she became part of our family!” ~Angie


Maya Stojacic





Shop for less – for the moms-to-be!!

July 2, 2012
Dear M@B ladies,
Hope you all are enjoying the summer!
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M@B featured in the!

December 20, 2011

Hi M@B Ladies!

Check out a recent article on the about MBA moms.  Mothers @ Booth is mentioned!

Enjoy your vacation!

“How Do You Juggle It All” Panel Recap

December 8, 2011

Author: PrettyQuick Founder and Booth student

Do-it-All Mothers Share Inspiring Tips

PrettyQuick was all ears during Mothers @ Booth’s fabulous “How Do You Juggle It All” panel discussion on November 15, 2011.  Senior executives from Bain, Accenture, Goldman Saks, Dow Chemical, and Pepsi Co shared tips and tricks ranging from new mom survival skills to long-term career planning. At PrettyQuick, we are always looking to uncover these wonder-woman secrets, and so compiled the following list of inspiring tips from the panel.  Thanks M@B for bringing together such amazing women.

What we learned:

7.       Pace Yourself.

As goal-oriented, A-Type women, we want to have it all.  Now.

Well sorry to burst your bubble, but our wise Goldman Saks mom of 3 panelist shares, “I think there is a way to do it all, but not all at once.”

6.   Have your own board of directors.

 Panelists agree that setbacks and tough decisions are inevitable.  Be sure to ask mentors and trusted advisors to help you navigate these important crossroads.

5.   Stop beating yourself up. 

You know how you feel when it seems like nothing you’re doing is good enough?  Well IGNORE THAT FEELING.  Learn to silence that voice in your head.  Some quotes from panelists:

Guilt is wasted energy.”

Be kind to yourself because you’re probably your biggest critic.” 

“You have one life.  Live without regret!”

4.  You can’t summit a mountain without a series of smaller, often grueling, ascents. 

Sure, there will be rough days, but taken together, those days make up a life that overall should feel balanced and fulfilling.   Don’t pretend you can absolve the oft-tedious daily grind, but do make sure there’s an end goal.  Our panelists focus on the long term:

“There’s only upside if you think in the long term.”

Work life balance every day is a myth, but life is a pendulum so as long as over time, the pendulum is in place, that’s ok”

3.  Pick a great partner.

 OK, this is not an anti-feminist tip.  Believe me, our M@B panelists are the best feminists around.  But interestingly they all referenced their spouse as the most important individual in the support network:

“My husband has been the biggest support network.  He always encouraged me to go after that next promotion.”  Dow Chemical panelist

2.  Surround yourself with likeminded women.

 All our panelists stressed the importance of community and networking with other women who are confronting the same challenges.  Whether through  work or through other professional/ social networks, find women whose lives you want to emulate and make it a point to spend time with them.  For Chicago women, here are some groups are panelists suggested:

Mother’s at Booth Linked In Group

Chicago Women in Business Alumnae Network

85 Broads Global Women’s Network

1. Taking time for self is important.

 At PrettyQuick, we believe that taking time for self enhances clarity and confidence in other parts of life.  Our panelists said over and over again that is was important for them as mother and professionals to take some time out to focus on their own interests or hobbies.  Some ways they recharged to take on the world:

– Salon and Spa visits (a true PrettyQuick woman!)

– Non-Profit Work

– the Gym

– Tennis

– Shopping

– Girlfriends

Congrats and thanks to Mothers @ Booth for providing a forum for women to support and learn from each-other.  “How Do You Juggle It All” was the most inspiring lunch event we had all quarter!

For more beauty and self-care tips and tricks for busy women, visit and

Nursing Tips for the Traveling Mom!

December 4, 2011

A M@B alum kindly shared her tips for pumping while on business trips.

Nursing Mom:

“While I was full-time pumping and traveling I just got in the habit of what I had to travel with, what I needed when I got some place and allowing extra time at the airports because most likely my bag was searched – awkward!

There were a few things I made sure to have:

1)       Good pump & extra batteries.

2)       Lots of those storage bags (bottles took up too much space)

3)       I actually took my pump out of the backpack and found a over the shoulder cooler (soft sided) that I traveled with.  It looked like a tote, but kept everything cool in it.

4)       I would try to get a fridge/freezer in my room if I could to keep the milk cold over night. (or when I would travel for a long time – if I could freeze the milk this was always better)

5)       I would bring a ton of big ziplocks to make sure there were no spills.

6)       I was not super worried if the milk was a bit warm here or there and just kept it as cold as I could

7)       I filled up other ziplocks with ice everywhere I went to keep the bag cool.

8)       I let my boss know that I would need to take a few breaks during the day (usually no questions asked).

9)       I learned to pump anywhere (bathroom stalls a lot, esp in airports) and would either wash out the pump parts there or use the pump wipes and then wash the parts later).”

Way to go Nursing Mom! You are an inspiration to us all!

The Reality of Having it All: Work-Life Equilibrium

November 24, 2011

By Blessing Oshin (From her blog

There is a common topic these days in every women’s conference and its the reality of having it all. Every woman out there wants to know what makes the other woman successful and how they can have it all as well. This month, I spent an entire week with about 6,000 women engineers ranging from top ranked CEO, CIO and Managers to Students. I try to attend this conference every year to network and meet up and rising women in the engineering field. The common theme this year was how to survive motherhood and a vibrant career. Here are some points that resonated with me most.

Don’t Try to Do It ALL

I know a lot of women who love to bake, clean, and crochet. Unfortunately, if your goal is to climb up the corporate ladder, then you may have to give up some of this goal completely. Some women think they can have it all, and they stay up late baking cookies for the boys scout, making candy treats for halloween and drag themselves to work the next day only to find themselves tired and ineffective. The reality is that, your kids don’t care if that halloween treat is handmade or from Walmart, all they care about is some form of candy. And there are going to be days when you cannot cook and would have to order a take-out, actually there will be many of those days and that is just the reality.

Allow Some Imperfection

I am one of those people that picture clutter in my mind and I cannot function when there is clutter somewhere in my house, instead, I jump into action by moving, cleaning and dusting till things look sparkly and clean. But, I am stepping back from that slowly. As a working mother, you may need to let that closet stay messy and instead spend more time with your family. Help your daughter color her drawings, take her to a dance class or spend some quality time with your spouse. It is about time, we let some things slide.

Outsource Non-Value Adding Task

If you cannot get clutter out of your mind like I do, then you may need help. You may need someone to take care of your cleaning, cooking, paperwork, email and appointments. You may need a personal or virtual assistant, and there are many of those in every small town and cities these days, so call and ask your local small business community. Or, you can place an ad in your local newspaper. One of the tips I can give you when looking to outsource household chores is to never mention money in the ads you send out, most people would do it for lesser than what you have in mind.

Align Your Family

If you have not had that talk with your family, then you must do so now. Make sure your spouse and grown kids understand how much energy you want to give your career. And you will be surprised at how understanding our families can be. Be sure to line up enriching after-school programs like music, dance or art classes for the kids, be sure to have your spouse help out when he can, and always say please and thank-you and let them know how grateful you are for being so accommodating. And not to sweep the attention you give your family under the carpet, be sure to carve out time daily with your family. Set a timeline for when you leave for work and when you return and the moment you are home, make yourself one-hundred percent available to their needs. That’s what mother’s are for. And remember, its not how far but how well. If you are a good parent, your kids will turn out great and even more independent than the average kid with a stay-at-home-mom. There is enough research that shows that.

Work-Life Equilibrium

There is no such thing as work-life balance because we don’t usually get that, instead, experts now use the word “equilibrium” which means that you apply pressure (supply) to where you have the most demand. So, if there is a huge deadline at work that you need to meet, then you need to let everyone at home pick up the slacks and focus on that for the day or for the week. Similarly, if you need to take your child to the doctor, spelling-bee competition, dance competition, etc, then you need to let folks at work know that you won’t be available for the afternoon, weekend or however long.

Carve Time For Yourself

Be sure to spend some time with yourself to reflect on your career goal and direction. Spend time with your friends and social activities when you can get away. Keep your friends close, especially those who understand where you are coming from and are in thesame working mom circle as you are. Those kind tend not to judge your choices and instead serve as a support system and give genuine and useful advice.

The 100% Solution

May 16, 2011

You’ve got to give Donald Trump credit: he’s everywhere, and everywhere he goes, he manages to offend in new and different ways. Take his quotes in the latest book by MSNBC Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski, Knowing Your Value: Women, Money, and Getting What You’re Worth. When asked about hiring working moms, the Donald replies skeptically, “She’s not giving me 100%. She’s giving me 84%, and 16% is going towards taking care of children.”

Is Donald Trump right on this one?

Read the rest of this very interesting article on Time Magazine!